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Synaptics is rolling out embedded fingerprint scanner for ‘Tier 1’ flagship

SYNAPTICS HAS announced that its Clear ID FS9500 – the first fingerprint scanner embedded with a display, is in production.

The company confirms that the production run is for a ‘Tier 1 OEM’. Ooooh – exciting.

So, let’s think. Apple? Probably not. Too much up in  Face ID, and unlikely to have a new product for a while. Samsung? Maybe, but feels a bit soon for them too, unless its true that the S9 is coming at CES.

Huawei is a maybe, which would include Honor. And then if we include Xiaomi, LG, Vivo and Oppo then we can’t discount OnePlus either.

And then what about HTC? It wouldn’t be for the Google Pixel line, but perhaps the HTC U11 is coming up for a refresh?

What it does point to is that someone is going to be producing a new flagship in Q1. If we wanted to take the claim to the edge of reason, it could still be someone who is a Tier 1 OEM, but not known best for phones. That’d bring Asus and Acer into the fold.

And yes, LG’s recent reputation with mobile hasn’t been stellar, but it makes ruddy good tellies – could that be Tier 1?

The obvious choice would be the Samsung Galaxy S9. That is rumoured for CES. But all the rumours so far suggest that it has a rear fingerprint sensor and why would it need both?

Nokia was a Tier 1 brand. But could it still be called that today?

No. For us, that leaves one obvious candidate – Sony. And we’d play a hunch on that one. It’s been making great phones but hasn’t had a mega-hit for a while. A feature like this could be so desirable as to make people look again at the Japanese manufacturer.

With renders of a new design of phone already leaked, plus its pedigree in Bond type gadgetry within its design, if we were the betting sorts, we’d stick a cheeky fiver on the next Sony Xperia XZ being the first home for Synaptics in-display fingerprint scanner. µ

Source : Inquirer

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