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Taylor Swift may have used undercover facial recognition to spot stalkers at gigs

LET’S GET something straight here. You don’t mess with our girl Tay-Tay. Haters gonna hate, hate, hate, but if you start slagging Taylor Swift round these parts, then two words:

Bad Blood.

But Tay-Tay has had problems with stalkers lately and is seeking a high-tech solution. This has led to reports that she has been using facial recognition software at her gigs in an attempt to track them down and hopefully shake them off, shake them off.

Rolling Stone reports that when fans were waiting for Taylor to perform at the California Rose Bowl last May, they were offered a chance to watch rehersals at a kiosk, unaware that their Love Story was really a trap. Yes. She Did Something Bad and now Sparks Fly.

Hidden cameras equipped with facial recognition, hoping to catch an over-enthusiastic fans who have been telling her “You Belong With Me”.

Usually progressively politcal Tay-Tay isn’t known for being like this – it’s just not her Style to meddle with such a Delicate issue, but the sting was being managed by Nashville Police remotely, so they could be cross-referenced with a database of Taylor’s known stalkers – and there’s more than Fifteen of them. Maybe more than Twenty-Two.

Call It What You Want, but fundamentally, this is a privacy issue and if Taylor’s fans weren’t warned, questions must be asked about whether her people should be allowed to Getaway (Car) with it, because whose faces is she recording? Ours. Maybe she Should’ve Said No, given the repeated evidence that facial recognition is really not ready for prime time yet.

Anyway, Back To December and it’s not known if this sick beat worked, and Taylor Swift’s people aren’t talking to confirm or deny. The worry is that if Taylor’s reputation takes a hike, they’re Never Ever Getting Back Together.  

We Knew She Was Trouble. μ

Source : Inquirer

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