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Techie worlds like ‘biohacking’ and ‘fintech’ slide into the dictionary

FAKE NEWS, TRUMP, BREXIT, HEATWAVES; you’d think 2018 has had enough of irritating folks, but no it has some mileage left, this time sliding annoying techisms into the dictionary.

We can just about stomach that ‘selfie’ has made it into the dictionary; while it comes with a disgusting dollop of narcissism, it’s a decent word to describe photo shot at arm’s length with you and ‘your girlies’ doing a duckface.

Internet and meme culture can be blamed for opening the door to such words. But now it looks like the tech industry wants to make its presence felt.

‘Fintech’, which for the uninitiated stand for financial technology, has been added into Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

In fairness its a decent portmanteau for a growing part of the UK’s tech industry, even if it conjures images of blokes in blazers and trainers desperately trying to make their stocks and share platform seem mildly interesting to anyone who’s not an opportunist broker with a name like Oscar Smithe.

Following that is ‘biohacking’ a term used by the types of folks who swear by taking small does of LSD to keep them churning out new user interfaces for data analytics apps in Silicon Valley and folks who probably enjoy deeply inhaling the smell of their own farts.

Biohacking is particularity galling as it basically described people who try and take a hacker ethic to their health and biology without any real scientific backing or sensibilities. We’re sure there are some people who know what they’re doing but they don’t seem to common.

Other tech-related words have made the cut, including ‘haptics’ and ‘predictive’, which we don’t’ have too much of a problem with as they do the job of naming something techie and difficult to surmise at times.

But one word has really rubbed us up the wrong way: bingeable. Welcome to the BS zone.

Thanks to the likes of Netflix with its bevvy of on-demand TV that folks can binge on, the idea of something that’s ‘bingeable’ has become a thing. It nearly as bad as the term ‘snackable’ which some f**kwits have used to describe shot video clips and text.

As far as we’re concerned you can binge drink all you like, it doesn’t make your appletinis ‘bingeable’.

If any more such words sneak into the dictionary, we suspect it’ll result in the likes of George Orwell and other ex-literary greats spin so fast in their graves they cause a singularity that swallows the world inside out, And we’d probably deserve it. µ

Source : Inquirer

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