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The first-ever Chrome OS tablet has been spotted in London

THE FIRST EVER Chrome OS-powered tablet has been spotted at the BETT Show in London this week.

The tablet, which appears to be an Acer-branded device, was seen by several attendees, including ChromeunBoxed, and has been reported to have an 8-10in display. 

There was originally a photo of the device tweeted out by an attendee, but the tweet has since been mysteriously deleted

Still, Google has said in the past that we can expect to see Chrome-Os devices in different form factors in the future.

Specifications are obviously still very thin on the ground, but we do know that the tablet had a companion stylus from the popular pen company Staedtler and might well be an addition to Acer’s Iconia lineup. There is also front facing camera above the display with the standard Acer logo underneath.

Some reports are saying that the tablet could be codenamed Scarlet, and be powered by a Rockchip processor, but there just isn’t enough solid evidence around to confirm it.

We have, of course, asked Acer for comment on the sighting to see if they can shine any light on the discovery.

It was only earlier this week that Acer revealed a trio of cheap-and-cheerful Chrome OS machines, aimed at the education world and fans of Google’s web-based operating system.

The first (and most interesting of which) was the Chromebook 11 C732, a durable-looking Chromebook that can weather a 48-inch/120-centimetre drop, apparently, and has a keyboard that’s resistant to spills. Going on sale in April, the C732 will cost just €329, or around two-hundred and ninety of Her Majesty’s fine British pounds. That’s not bad for a Chromebook.

Alongside the C732, Acer also revealed the Chromebook Spin 11, which is a 2-in-1 Chromebook with better hinges. When it goes on sale in April alongside the C732, it will cost just €379, or about £330. µ

Source : Inquirer

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