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Think the internet is doomed? Kim Dotcom has an idea

THE DEBATE about net neutrality – something that really shouldn’t need a debate at all – was reignited this week, but MegaUpload founder Kim Dotcom has an idea for a new version of the internet. 

On Wednesday, it was announced that the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) would start walking back net neutrality protections. Quite unsurprisingly, it’s news that didn’t go down well with many Web users. 

Kim Dotcom, however, has bigger plans – ones that involve the launch of the “MegaNet”, which he says will be “a new Internet” that will replace existing infrastructure. 

While it could sound like an instinctive reaction from Dotcom to the net neutrality changes this week, it’s a plan that he says has been in process for at least two years. Indeed, he first tweeted about it back in 2015, saying that MegaNet would be impervious to government and corporations’ control or censorship.

Kim has a history of building successful peer-sharing services, but seemingly neverending legal troubles continue to plague him for his part in running them. After MegaUpload collapsed, Kim launched, but later had to distance himself from that organization as well after what he described as a hostile takeover.  

In August this year, Dotcom lost an appeal to regain $67m in assets seized during the investigation of MegaUpload. He’s currently fighting extradition to the US from New Zealand

Exactly what form MegaNet will take – and more importantly, what sort of security will be implemented, is still unknown at this stage but Dotcom has revealed that it’ll be a non-IP based system. µ

Source : Inquirer

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