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TickBox TV ordered to remove copyright-breaching add-ons from Kodi boxes it’s sold

TICKBOX TV has been ordered to release a software update to remove copyright-infringing add-ons from its Kodi-powered streaming boxes.

Following legal action brought by Amazon, Netflix and various Hollywood studios, a California federal court issued an updated injunction against TickBox this week that forces the firm to strip copyright-infringing add-ons from its streaming devices.

While a legal battle is ongoing between TickBox and the cohort of companies, the injunction will remain in place and could see TickBox TV users suddenly lose access to content they were merrily watching illegally, whether they knew they were doing so or not.

“TickBox shall issue an update to the TickBox launcher software to be automatically downloaded and installed onto any previously distributed TickBox TV device and to be launched when such device connects to the internet,” the injunction noted, reported TorrentFreak.

“Upon being launched, the update will delete the Subject [infringing] Software downloaded onto the device prior to the update, or otherwise cause the TickBox TV device to be unable to access any Subject Software downloaded onto or accessed via that device prior to the update.”

The updated injunction also prevents TickBox from having any links on its boxes’ home screen that can be indirectly used to access content illegally. This includes web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Furthermore, any new apps or add-ons discovered by Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), formed of Hollywood studios, Amazon, Netflix and a host of other firms, that have the potential to infringe copyright must be removed by TickBox within 24 hours of being reported.

Basically, the injunction has TickBox truly hemmed in. And that’s a problem for a company that makes use of the Kodi platform which is well known for facilitating the spread of content that’s either legally grey or outright stamps all over copyright.

Of course, TickBox could reverse the decision if its legal wrangle with the clutch of companies is successful.

The result of the court case will likely set a precedent to what streaming boxes are allowed to do or present to their users, at least in the US, though we imagine the ramifications will travel further afield. µ

Source : Inquirer

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