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Top 10 most read stories of 2018: AMD Zen 2, NES Classic and Article 13

IT’S BEEN A HECK OF A YEAR in the world of technology.

Facebook will likely be welcoming 2018’s end; back in March, news broke that data on nearly 100 million users had their data harvested by political strategist firm Cambridge Analytica, and since, things have gone from bad to worse for the embattled social network.

Microsoft, too, has had a shaky 12 months. The firm’s much-hyped October Update to Windows 10 suffered so much-borkage that it was forced to yank the update, releasing it again to only ‘advanced’ users on, er, 18 December

We’ve also this year seen a number of countries ban Huawei equipment over so-called “national security” concerns, data breaches hitting firms from British Airways and Ticketmaster to Marriott and, er, Butlins and, Wikipedia vandals convincing Siri that Donald Trump is literally a penis. Let’s be honest, they’re not wrong

We’ve rounded up the top 10 most read news stories from 2018 below. µ 

AMD’s Zen 2 architecture heralds the coming of Ryzen 3 processors
Zen 2 made its debut in the ‘Rome’ EPYC data centre chips

NES Classic can be hacked to play 700 games, but you might as well burn your receipt
Who cares about guarantees and warranties?

EU votes to effectively ban memes electronically as Article 13 ‘copyright filter’ passes
Sing the wrong song of sixpence, pay a fine

Microsoft Edge InPrivate photos can be easily recovered with freeware
Was that the sound of tightening sphincters?

Pornhub hackers choked by Google, the FBI and Proofpoint
Eight hackers responsible for the 3ve network have been charged

This Linux virus is a total jerk, even by malware standards
No Linux given

Lenovo CEO: ‘We’re not a Chinese company, we’re a global company’
Yang ‘YY’ Yuanqing on why Lenovo escapes the flack that Huawei and ZTE suffer

Microsoft is reportedly considering buying EA, PUBG Corp and Valve
Could be the shot in the arm the Xbox One needs

Google ditches Ubuntu for Debian for internal engineering environment
Switches commercial model for contribution to open source

Google’s Sergey Brin warns of AI threats through a ‘technology renaissance’
Brin wants Googlers to be careful with rather than beware of AI development

Source : Inquirer

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