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Toshiba launches a 2.4GB 10,500RPM SAS drive

WHEN IT comes to enterprise hard drives, the rule is go big, or go home. But there is another way. Go fast.

This is the way Toshiba has gone with its new AL15SE series, with spindles whizzing around at 10,500rpm – that’s 3,300 quicker than a standard drive.

It’s not Toshiba’s first go at this speed, but it’s certainly the biggest, with a 2,400GB (2.4TB – and before the purists get up in arms – YES IT IS) model.

It also boasts a SAS dual-port interface running at 12Gb/s – crammed into a 2.5-inch casing. It’s a bit thicker at 15mm but this stuff has to come from somewhere, innit.

It’s designed for tier one mission-critical servers and storage systems, hybrid storage platforms and any scenario that will benefit from low-latency, with a storage capacity of 2400GB. As you’d expect for a low latency drive of 2400GB, really.

“The new AL15SE Series HDD provides higher capacity per spindle for optimal use in performance-oriented traditional IT applications and in mission-critical hybrid storage platforms. Also, IT operations running read-intensive applications may benefit from lower-latency.” says Noriaki Katakura, General Manager HDD Business Unit, Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH.

The drives support 4K native and 512e emulated sector technologies and feature an increased transfer rate over the previous range amounting to 15 per cent.

The AL15SE series also offers optional Sanitise Instant Erase (SIE) and uses Toshiba’s persistent write cache technology to help protect your data when the power goes out suddenly.

Samples are shipping to customers from now. Prices weren’t offered, which usually means that it’ll depend on how many you’re thinking of.

The announcement follows Toshiba’s “go big” option – a nine plattered 14TB SATA HDD. µ

Source : Inquirer

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