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Troubled Toshiba scores coup with 14TB helium HDD without the sputter

TOSHIBA HAS announced a 14TB hard drive for the rest of us (well, ok, sort of).

Up until now, high capacity 3.5 inch drives have required systems called Perpendicular Magnetic Recording and Shingle Magnetic Recording – which in vinyl terms means recording between the “grooves” of the record. This makes them great for storage, but not great for rewriting. Mostly these are used for things like permanent records, cold storage, and social networking data.

However, the MG07ACA has become the first 14TB drive that has Conventional magnetic recording (CMR). It uses helium as the “sputter” versions do, but by using a 9-disk array, it is able to cram in the whole lot without compromise.

“We have raised the bar with the new MG07ACA Series 9-disk helium-sealed design,” said Akitoshi Iwata, Vice President of Storage Products Division, Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage Corporation. “By utilising an innovative design, we continue to improve the benefits that high-capacity disk storage can deliver to our broad global customer base.”

As well as a 14TB 9-disk array, there’s also a 12TB 8-disk array version.

They are still very much aimed at the enterprise market, but they have a standard 6Gbit/s interface and 7200rpm spindle speed.

The 14TB model is said to improve power efficiency by over 50 percent in watts per Gigabyte.

The announcement of the device doesn’t mention pricing but sampling to its customers has already begun. We’re guessing it’s not going to be on sale in Misco anytime soon.

The news will be a coup for Toshiba at a time when the brand is suffering some serious damage. The chip part of the business was recently sold to the Bain-Apple consortium and rumours continue to circulate that the PC business will go to Asus.

The company is heavily in the red following the disastrous move into nuclear, which saw it but Westinghouse, which subsequently went the way of the radioactive dodo. µ

Source : Inquirer

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