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Trump denounces FISA surveillance laws, then defends them

DONALD J. TRUMP, known to millions for his roles as ‘Waldo’s Dad’ in ‘The Little Rascals‘ and as ‘VIP Patron’ in ‘54‘ has publicly denounced the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) which is under discussion in Congress today.

During his ‘Executive Time’ this morning, a three-hour block which we are coming to understand as being an extended period of watching Fox News, tweeting and eating Happy Meals, he was addressed by one of the guests on the flickering talk-box to oppose the renewal of the act.

Trump reacted. Of course, he’ll be pushing for it not to be renewed. After all, people used it to spy on his campaign:

FISA is basically the wiretapping law introduced in the wake of Watergate that allows electronic surveillance (and that means you, computer user) if you are a foreign power suspected of doing things that might hurt America, Americans or American interests. It also allows the government to make requests for evidence from the personal data held by internet firms like Microsoft and Google. 

Since 9/11 many of the definitions of those terms have changed. These include but not limited to ‘electronic’ ‘surveillance’ ‘foreign’ ‘things’ ‘hurt’ ‘America’ ‘American’ ‘interests’.

Opponents of the bill now believe it’s a Frankenstein’s monster that allows the government to listen in to anything it wants.

Here’s the thing though.

The Trump administration wants the bill renewed.

The Republicans less so. But broadly yes.

But the reason it’s so important for the Trump camp?

We’ll just leave that there.

Someone obviously interrupted boom-boom time to explain why a man who will be having a medical tomorrow that will include assessment of his mental health shouldn’t be showing he doesn’t understand what he actually believes in, especially on an issue as controversial as electronic surveillance. So he corrected it a short time later:

In other words: “It’s a bad thing but having said that, it’s a good thing and this is the name of my favourite spy spoof show from the sixties and can I have a cookie now?”

Mankind’s best hope appears to be that a doctor will, tomorrow, tell us what we already know. µ

(Note to our UK audience – if ‘surveil’ sounds clunky, we thought so too, but apparently, it’s a US-English term, not just the bletherings of an idiot)

Source : Inquirer

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