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TVPlayer piles on viewers as shift towards IPTV continues

UK LINEAR STREAMING TV service TVPlayer has seen a 600 per cent growth year-on-year as more and more homes move to IPTV.

The service offers a variety of Free-To-Air television (similar to that of Freeview or Freesat) augmented by optional pay channels from Discovery Networks and Viacom (amongst others) for an additional fee. 

TVPlayer announced on Monday that it has added 40,000 new customers in the last quarter, with two million active users per month across desktop and mobile. A+E Networks, co-owned by Disney/ABC and Hearst, provided capital and content to grow the service.

Unlike previous attempts to create a streamed service like this (known as “over-the-top” television) from companies such as TVCatchUp and FilmOn, which have suffered run-ins over rights and carriage issues, TVPlayer has learned from this and found a home on almost every possible platform, from Windows 10 to Amazon Fire TV and all points in between.

It marks a notable shift in the way that we consume television. The UK’s biggest pay-TV service, Sky TV is starting the move over to a full-IP service later this year, marking the beginning of the end of over 30 years of association with satellites.

Meanwhile, its own streaming service Now TV offers a hybrid solution, with Freeview channels offered over-the-air, and subscription channels by IP, similar to that offered by YouView, which powers BT, TalkTalk and Plusnet.

But TVPlayer is unique in that it offers a 100 per cent streamed service, and is able to carry almost everything. Where it doesn’t have mobile rights, it automatically pushes the user to the right service, for example to a live stream from BBC iPlayer during the Winter Olympics, where separate rights are required, but by aiming at home streamers, it avoids a lot of the problems of its predecessors as the rules don’t apply to WiFi connections in the same way – weirdly.

Although it’s not completely seamless, with the laws still catching up with the technology in a lot of cases, TVPlayer is doing as much as it can to keep up, even offering 10 hours of cloud storage for a basic PVR service.

Now the company has announced some stalwart senior staff members from rival services who will be continuing to push the fledgling company towards becoming an even bigger player against the current usual suspects. µ  

Source : Inquirer

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