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Twitter adds USB key support to two-factor authentication

TWITTER HAS ADDED support for login verification with a USB key, for users paranoid that their unwanted hot-takes will get hijacked by someone interesting

USB security keys such as Yubikey are supported to bring a hardware element into Twitter’s two-factor authentication process.

Such keys are handy for people who want to log in to Twitter with an extra layer of security but don’t have their phone at hand to use as a verification device – through these days who on earth is away from their smartphone for more than a few minutes?

It’s hardly the most exciting Twitter news; the social media site could do more interesting things, say… we dunno.. .take more action to purge Nazis, bigots and trolls from its platform. But adding support for USB keys is another step for Twitter in a bid to build out its support for two-factor authentication.

Such support came around last year and enabled the use of third-party services such as Google’s Duo Mobile and the Google Authenticator to take care of verification duties.

In a world where Twitter is seen as a breaking news source as well as a place for people to scream opinions into the void of social media, having an extra layer of security is arguably one way to prevent the spread of misinformation.

Imagine if say Taylor Swift’s Twitter was hacked and she started hurling abuse at other titans of manufac… modern music, say Kanye West. Actually, screw your two-factor authentication, we’d quite like to see that.

But putting aside our glibness for a moment, some Twitter users have vast amounts of followers and their tweets carry weight, despite the grumblings of established media. So ensuring their accounts are properly protected, even if they feel a bit dumb plugging in a USB key each time they want to tweet, isn’t the worst idea around. µ

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Source : Inquirer

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