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Uber is ripping off riders in Singapore, charging thousands for ‘phantom’ trips

RIDE HAILING APP UBER has been charging unsuspecting riders in Singapore for trips around the world that they haven’t even taken.

The claims come fresh from the social posts of Singaporean Uber users, who have taken their frustrations to Facebook to vent to their friends how “shocked” they were.

And it’s not like these rides are cheap, either. One user, Jenna Lim, posted a status update explaining how she woke up to a negative bank balance due to a number of unauthorised chargers from Uber.

After checking through her statement, she spotted some 30 fraudulent transactions from Uber amounting to a whopping  S$1,300 (£750). Check her post out below:

Another Uber user in Singapore, Nurul Aryenti, commented on the post saying the same had happened to her. She commented: 

“I faced the same thing too. From 4th nov till [sic] 7th nov. $200 gone. But Uber refunded me few days later after I lodged a complain [sic]. Terminated my card too. Can’t delete my credit card payment mode though but always click onto cash terms when booking Uber.”

This is not the first time that Uber has been accused of charging for “phantom” rides. Back in April 2016, Londoners reported being charged for rides they had not taken in cities such as New York and Mexico.

According to the Guardian, the receipts for the journeys make for odd reading. In one users’ account, one receipt said they had taken a cab in Guadalajara to an address just 790 metres away, and then 50 minutes later they hailed an Uber cab driven by a “Gustavo” to take them back to where they started.

However, a spokesperson from Uber Singapore told Channel News Asia that the company will work with those affected to “refund the charges”, adding: “We would like to assure the public that payment information is encrypted when you enter it into the Uber app.”

Although there has been no recent reports of this type of fraudulent activity in the UK, it’s probably worth checking your bank statements and Uber account history are in check, just in case. µ

Source : Inquirer

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