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Uber reminds people BlackBerry still exists and launches on BBM

BBM MESSENGER – that thing you forgot was actually ever a thing – is back and in the headlines. And why on earth is that the case? Well, ride hailing app Uber has decided to join forces with the platform to allow users to book rides via BlackBerry’s messenger service.

Yes, people are still using it. And the surprising thing is, there are obviously enough of them to justify the announcement.

While BBM is pretty much dead in most Western markets following the decline of BlackBerry phones, the announcement does mean that those that do use it around the world, especially the application’s biggest market of Indonesia, will be able to book cheaper taxis at the tap of a button.

It might make a bit more sense when you remember that BBM is actually run  by Indonesian telco firm Emtek and maintains some kind of following in the country alongside other parts of Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

The deal between the two companies means users can book a ride from inside the chat app within the ‘discover’ menu.

“With this partnership, BBM users can quickly request an Uber ride via BBM despite variations in quality of location, network speed, or device features,” said Chan Park, Uber’s general manager in Southeast Asia.

However, not everyone agrees that Blackberry is a good investment of any kind.

In January this year, whistleblower Edward Snowden said that BlackBerry will be “erased from the pages of history” thanks to its weak stance on privacy and cosy relationship with government agencies.

Speaking at a Canadian technology conference, Snowden was keen to talk about BlackBerry and the fact that the company last year gave Canadian cops access to the firm’s universal decryption key, enabling them to pore over one million BBM messages.

“You can end up standing up for what is right, you have to trust that even if it is digital, if you take a principled stand that that will do more good not just for your bottom line or country, but for your society and future,” he said at the time. µ

Source : Inquirer

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