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Ubuntu 18.10 is a Cosmic Cuttlefish of new Linux loveliness

Cuttle be the day…

CANONICAL HAS announced the release of its bi-annual update to the Ubuntu operating system.

Ubuntu 18.10, aka Cosmic Cuttlefish, is out now. It’s not a long-term version so this is more aimed at individual users, as companies prefer to wait for an LTS to commit.

So what’s new in this build? Well, one of the biggest bugbears – graphics driver updating – has been addressed, so there’ll be no more of all that sideloading the updates nonsense.

Canonical has confirmed that this simpler process will get a graphical clicky interface, but not until (probably) version 19.x.

But in the meantime, the way Ubuntu uses RAM for graphics has been given a kicking and should be a lot more efficient for migrating gamers.

Snaps, those lovely virtualised apps that have proved a massive hit across the Ubuntusphere, get better integration with the Ubuntu desktop, making them even easier to use.

There are now 4,100 Snaps from 1,700 developers with apps like Slack, Skype and even Windows Powershell. All are automatically updated and, for anyone on a different Distro, they’re available for many other versions of Linux too.

And speaking of the Desktop, it has a brand new community theme, because a lick of paint can sometimes do wonders.

Under the hood, cosmetics are offered for the Server Edition particularly, with support for Kubernetes 1.12, open vSwitch 2.10, curtain 18.1.59, Open SSL 1.1.1 and a bunch of others.

The kernel, stock apps and modules are, of course as new as they can possibly be so there’ll be no scrabbling to do lots of irritating mini updates.

So just a reminder then – this version of Ubuntu (with a .10) will be supported for nine months only. It is assumed you’ll upgrade to the .04 edition in the new year and then again this time next year. If you don’t want to keep farting about, best stay on 18.04 which is supported for five years. μ

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