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UK MPs ask Facebook’s Zuck to pop over and answer their questions (again)

Will the Zuck come over to Blighty to answer data privacy questions? Place your bets!

IF AT FIRST you don’t succeed, try and try again; that seems to be the maxim UK MPs have adopted when it comes to getting Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg to answer their questions.

Zuck has effectively snubbed questioning over Facebook’s data privacy controls and its part in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, with the bossman sending Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer to appear in front of a Parliamentary Committee earlier in the year rather than going there himself.

Zuck has appeared in front of US Congress to explain how the free services on the internet work, amd also put in an appearance at the EU parliament, he has thus far neglected to answer the questions of Blighty’s politicians in person.

Damian Collins, MP and chair of the UK Digital, Culture, Media & Sport Select Committee, is clearly feeling a bit mugged off and has penned an open letter to Zuckerberg noting its high time he appeared in front of the Committee.

“We understand that it is not possible to make yourself available to all parliaments,” said Collins in the letter which was co-signed by the Canadian MP Bob Zimmer, as both British and Canadian MPs will hold a joint committee to scrutinise Facebook on 27 November.

“However, we believe that your users in other countries need a line of accountability to your organisation – directly, via yourself. We would have thought that this responsibility is something that you would want to take up. We both plan to issue final reports on this issue by the end of this December, 2018. The hearing of your evidence is now overdue, and urgent.”

So Collins is cracking the whip but we’ll have to wait and see if he gets a response. We contacted Facebook for comment but haven’t received one at the time of writing.

Zuckerberg will have to make the trip across the Atlantic to come and answer questions in Westminster, which might not appeal to him; we’re not fans of long-haul flights either, what with the jet lag, small packets of pretzels and begin trapped on a flying metal death tube with the general public.

Still, Zuck’s snub of UK MPs isn’t exactly great PR for Facebook, so there’s a good chance he might acquiescing with Collins’ request this time. µ

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