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Undercover filming shows Amazon destroying millions of brand new unsold products

Undercover filming shows Amazon destroying millions of brand new unsold products

The favourite toys that never were

AMAZON HAS BEEN named and shamed after footage emerged of thousands of brand new products being destroyed to make space in a warehouse.

High-end electronics including flat-screen TVs and toys are amongst the items that are shown being crushed and sent to landfill.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said only last week that he favours the colonisation of space to give us all a plan ‘b’ should the Earth become uninhabitable. Now it turns out his company is creating huge quantities of waste plastic and other landfill nasties.

French undercover reporters posing as Amazon employees took footage of huge quanties of perfectly good products being squished. A drone also captured an Amazon lorry taking valuable but redundant stock to a landfill site.

Amazon hasn’t given a full statement on whether this sort of malarky is going on in Blighty, but has confirmed that it works with charities including Kind Direct to give the goods homes. However, it acknowledges that unsaleable products are disposed of by liquidation specialists – and its not clear if that means for good causes, or bins.

The goods are mostly third-party products being fulfilled by Amazon. Because Amazon’s policy means that storage ramps up to £430 per metre of space after six months, and doubles again after 12, many sellers just stop paying, leaving Amazon with the surplus goods.

Let’s be clear about this – these products are not tat. They’re not returns. They’re not broken. They are just unsold and the waste being created is utterly horrendous.

At a time when the poor have become poorer, funding for public services has shrunk and the Earth is on its knees from the amount of seemingly disposable products it creates, Amazon is making itself, and Jeff ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ Bezos look like utter dicks.

Send the unsold nappies to poor parents. Send the food to food banks. Send the books to libraries. Send the toys to hospitals and playgroups. Use the clock parts in your giant dumb clock. Send the electronics to INQ… you get the idea.

The fact that Amazon is in this position magnfies just how big companies stay big by being oblivious to the needs of the poor.

Amazon has a chance to change its policies and by quantities of scale make a positive difference to the world, its people, and the planet.

Now lets see if this footage will force them to rise to the challenge. μ

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Source : Inquirer

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