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Valve brings Steam Chat app to iOS and Android

Valve brings Steam Chat app to iOS and Android

Steam Chat comes with a suite of communication features

VALVE AND APPLE are really playing nicely together these days, with the gaming software giant releasing its Steam Chat app on iOS. Oh and Android.

The main Steam app has been available for iOS and Android for some time, but the chat app is, believe it or not, a dedicated app for Steam users to chat or berate each other about gaming skills in PUBG before rage quitting.

The Chat app, much like the one for desktop which debuted last year after Valve did a good bit of nipping and tucking with the Steam platform, offers things like group chats, custom notifications, invite links and rich chat features such as the ability to post GIFs and videos.

The only thing that’s missing is voice chat, but Valve’s engineers are apparently working on getting that up and running in the app at some point.

“We’re already working on improvements to the Steam Chat app, including voice chat. With Steam Chat moving to its own dedicated app, the original Steam Mobile app will see significant upgrades focused on account security,” Valve said on its Steam community pages.

“Our plans include better Steam Guard options to help securely log into your Steam account, such as QR codes and one-touch login, and improved app navigation.”

So that all looks promising for Steam stuff on mobile, especially as Valve has managed to get its Steam Link steaming service onto iOS and Apple TV, around a year after Apple denied the app access to its App Store.

But it doesn’t look like Valve will move into mobile gaming yet, despite that being a potentially untapped market for the gaming firm. Then again it makes shed loads of money through its PC users, so it probably doesn’t need to bother with the cut-throat world of iOS and Android gaming. µ

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