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Valve might be working on its own in-house VR headset

GAME GIANT Valve looks to be working on its very own virtual reality (VR) headset, as images of such goggles have leaked online and surfaced on Reddit.

Valve has already been deep into VR thanks to its tie-up with HTC on the Vive headset, which has evolved nicely with the Vive Pro sitting at the top of the line.

But if these leaked images are legit, Valve seems keen to develop a VR headset completely in-house. It already has its Knuckles VR controllers out for developers to make work with their VR games and software, so it’s arguably no surprise that the company has likely ended up making its own headset to go alongside the controllers.

From first glance, the cheeky shots show that the headset, which looks to be very much in the prototype stage, has some of the Vive DNA about it, but it also looks like that has been spliced with Windows Mixed Reality headsets like the Acer Mixed Reality headset.

And the hardware looks like it’s legitimately from Valve as the printed circuit board spied in one of the pics has Valve’s logo clearly printed on it.

According to UploadVR, specs for the headset look to include a 135-degree field of view and a Vive Pro-beating resolution of 1,400×1,600, which is promising.

But to throw a few caveats into the mix, this headset could simply be a device Valve has cobbled together in-house to test VR-centric software upon, and it may not be a headset that ever makes it to market; after all, making and shipping hardware can be a bit of a costly pain, so there’s a chance Valve could partner with another hardware firm in the near future.

Even if this is for internal use, the headset would suggest Valve is still interested in VR and that it could even start working on increasing amounts of VR software from developer tools to fully-fledged games; Half-Life 3 VR anyone? µ

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