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Valve wants you to turn your Raspberry Pi into a makeshift Steam Link box

GOT A SPARE RASPBERRY PI kicking around with no idea what to do with it? Then how about cobbling together a Steam Link streaming box out of one.

Gaming giant Valve has revealed a Steam Link app that’s in beta for both the Raspberry Pi 3 and Pi 3+, which can turn the microcomputer into a rough take on the Steam Link box that allows for Steam games to be streamed from a PC to a TV if the box is connected to the same network.

You might ask why you wouldn’t just buy the Steam Link box and bypass the need for some computer DIY. Well, the Steam Link box doesn’t seem available any more, nor is there any hint that Valve will make any more. Rathe,  the Steam Link site is all about the mobile app which allows for team games to be piped onto smartphones and tablets as well as TVs that support the app.

So yeah, the DIY route is the only way you can get a pseudo Steam Link if you’re not willing to plumb the depths of eBay.

To get the Steam Link app up and running on the compatible Raspberry Pi models, you’ll need to make sure you’re running the Stretch version of the Pi’s operating system; said OS should be the default for Pi computers purchased since August 2017.

You’ll then need to install the app and add in some command line code to get the app up and running on the Raspberry Pi, but once done and the app has updated as needed, you should be good to go.

The rather neat thing about making your own Steam Link box for the Raspberry Pi is you can use it with a bunch of controllers, much like you can with the mobile app, and connect the device to an Ethernet connection which should help cut out some of the latency experienced with game streaming over a WiFi connection.

It’s a pretty snazzy way to effectively get a Steam Link box setup, and while it might frustrate some people that Valve isn’t making Half-Life 3, the willingness to create a Raspberry Pi app shows how the gaming firm is open to open source stuff, which is a good thing in our book. µ

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