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Vivaldi 2.2 adds tweakable toolbars and Netflix for Linux

UPSTART WEB BROWSER  Vivaldi has released version 2.2, with a number of new features which continue its aim to differentiate itself from other Chromium browsers.

The privacy passionate progeny of Opera co-founder Jon Von Tetzchner boasts improved tab management, support for pop-out video windows, configurable toolbars and updates to acccessibility.

The strong message in this edition is around configurability, with the promise that future editions will have a completely tweakable UI. The toolbar editing option represents a big step towards that, allowing users to remove any features that they simply don’t use.

Tabs can now be grouped and saved for the next session on a granular basis, whilst the first nine tabs you have open can now be hotlinked to the function keys.

That’s just one of the Access Key options in the new edition. These include easy access to closed tabs from your history with a couple of clicks.

Video gets a boost with HTML5 Picture In Picture (PiP) and improved Netflix support for the oft forgotten Linux user, thanks to auto-fetching of Widevine extensions on demand.

“Customizing a browser as per your needs is not only a thing for pros and geeks. The key is to create something that works for you,” says Vivaldi CEO Jon von Tetzchner. “Features are what draw people to Vivaldi and details are what keep them there. That’s why we are always striving to fit every use case and giving our users different ways to browse.”

He’s not wrong. The announcement of Microsoft Edge’s migration to the Chromium engine will up the ante for web browsers – especially Chromium based ones, which now seem set for a feature war as diverting as far from the basic offering as possible seems the best way to differentiate. 

Vivaldi 2.2 is available for download now. μ

Source : Inquirer

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