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VPN returns to make you the phantom of Opera

VPN returns to make you the phantom of Opera

VPNs let you become a Phantom of the Opera

OPERA SOFTWARE has announced the latest version of its Opera browser for Android, and an old friend has returned.

Opera 51, available for download from today, sees the return of the VPN feature that was culled at the time of the company’s acquisition by a consortium of Chinese investors.

The VPN is encrypted using 256-bit (banking grade) encryption and doesn’t keep any logs of your activity, making it ideal for use in public hotspots, or if you’re in a country that doesn’t take too kindly to those sites we know you like.

It’s all very simple to use – go to the settings, toggle the VPN switch to “on” and you’re done. Remember though that it could stop some content working.

Prior to the arrival of Eastern promises, Opera for Android had a VPN built-in, as well as offering a standalone app to provide a VPN for your entire phone.

After the takeover, both disappeared, with the company citing the way it was recarved by its new owners.

Unlike rival services, the Opera VPN is free, and at a time when more experts are recommending we all use VPNs as a matter of course, this will be welcome news for people who have raised eyebrows at having to pay for privacy.

Opera is clear that as a Norway-based company, it abides by Norwegian privacy standards, answering questions about how private a Chinese-owned VPN actually is. China has banned VPN use as it interferes with all that listening-in it loves.

This version will also enable “crypto pairing” to allow the forthcoming cryptowallet in the desktop edition to sync up your virtual cash, as it moves into what is being referred to as “Web 3.0”.

Opera for Android is available from the Play Store now for Android KitKat and above. Jelly Bean and below are advised to use the clunkier Opera Mini. μ 

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