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WD targets gaming rigs with an M.2 SSD including a heatsink

WESTERN DIGITAL has announced a new flagship range, aimed at gamers and high-performance machines.

The WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD M.2 includes an optional integrated heatsink, designed to keep it running at optimum performance at all times.

The company explains that this will get around the problems caused by the need to throttle such drives if they overheat. By introducing cooling, it becomes a lot less likely to become an issue.

In addition, there’s a specific “gaming mode” that keeps the device running at full pelt without power management coming in to play.

“VR, immersive features and larger game file sizes mean longer load times for levels, maps and other in-game actions. All of these require faster storage and higher capacity,” said Eyal Bek, vice president of marketing, data centre and client computing at Western Digital.

“More intense, longer gameplay also requires well-managed thermal performance, particularly for high-performance NVMe SSDs. The new WD Black SN750 NVMe SSD delivers unrivalled performance with an architecture designed for gaming, built-in passive cooling and gaming-mode features with heatsink options to be incorporated. We have pushed the boundaries of storage to give hardcore gamers the competitive edge they desire.”

The SN750 NVMe is made at Western Digital’s own fab facilities which it acquired along with the rest of Sandisk. This is described as part of a second generation of products from the merger. 

Performance-wise, it’s a bobby-dazzler with up to 3470MB/s read speed and 515k random read/560k random write throughput. It should be noted that this may vary slightly between the capacities.

Speaking of capacities, the SN750 NVMe comes in 250GB, 500GB, 1TB and 2TB variants – all with the usual five year warranty based on 600 TeraBytes Written (TBW) (for the 1TB) or 1200TBW (for the 2TB version).

All versions will be available globally in the Spring, with prices in the US starting at $79.99 (£62), up to $499.99 (£388). μ

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