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Wikipedia vandals have convinced Siri that Donald Trump is literally a penis

THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS didn’t quite provide the surge required to thwart Donald Trump’s White House control, so it’s time for resistors to try a more unorthodox approach to, uh, nobble his authority.

Wikipedia wags kept changing the picture of the commander in chief to a penis. Sorry for being so blunt, we’ll use a series of amusing euphemisms from here on in to avoid further embarrassment.

So anyway: when you change a picture on Wikipedia to a wang, there’s an unfortunate but hilarious side effect: anyone asking Siri questions about the topic will also get served the picture of the offending one-eyed wonder worm. This means that anyone trying to settle an argument about Donald Trump’s age over Thanksgiving supper will choke on their pumpkin pie when they’re greeted with a distinctly unpresidential prong.  

Here’s a screenshot, captured by Gizmodo with the blue-veined piccolo in question tastefully blurred out:

The vandalism that led to the unexpected trouser-snake sighting was, according to a Wikipedia editor speaking to The Verge, the work of several editors gone rogue. “They have now been blocked indefinitely,” the editor said, somehow resisting the temptation to make a gigglesome ‘cock-block’ pun. You can see the whole game of todger-tag in the edit history here.

Away from tallywackers, this isn’t the first time Wikipedia has confused Siri into spreading fake news. Not only did it once prematurely announce the death of John Travolta, but it also confidently revealed that Bulgaria’s national anthem was Despacito by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which was something of a surprise to the country’s seven million population.

The owner of the gigglestick last seen masquerading as the president of the United States is unknown, but it’s quite a claim to fame. Sadly it’s one of those achievements that you just can’t put on your CV. Well, not if you actually want to get the job in question, anyway. µ

Source : Inquirer

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