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Windows 10 October Update is now finally available to ‘advanced users’

THE TIREYARD BLAZE (we needed something even worse that ‘dumpster fire’) that is the October 2018 Update to Windows 10 is now available. Ish.

Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday that the bug-strewn bork-box that got past beta-blocking is now available to all “advanced users”. If you’re not sure if that’s you, then it’s pretty simple – are you the type of person that goes into the update screen and hits “check for updates” a lot?

Yeah, you then.

As we discussed last week, Microsoft releases non-essential updates without flagging them for install, meaning they’re only available with a manual check. Otherwise, they’ll just install when you do the next Patch Tuesday run.

When we heard that this was for ‘advanced users’, we kind of assumed that meant a manual install using the Windows Media Creation Tool, which is something that based on previous experience is really not suitable for your daily driver machine.

There are still a number of blocks in place, where user machines could be affected by some of the unsquished bugs, but the major ones, like chewing up files have been removed, so most people outside a corporate environment should be good to go.

For those who haven’t been following this particular car crash, Microsoft first released the October 2018 Update as part of its bi-annual Windows-as-a-Service (WaaS) policy. It soon became clear that users without enough room on their hard drive for the download were having their personal files wiped to make room.

This was then followed by a litany of avoidable borkage covering everything from disappearing ZIP files, to display drivers, to file association bugs – the latter is still not fixed and won’t be till January.

As it goes, we did try this morning and were greeted with a big fat negatory on our machine, so we’re pretty sure that this is still not available to everyone, thus far.

Probably for the best. If you’re not missing it, best bet is still to wait till it’s freely distributed. µ

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