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Windows 10 October Update’s ZIP file borkage won’t get fixed until, er, November

The latest Windows 10 upgrade has been… well… rubbish

MICROSOFT HAS CONFIRMED that it will provide a fix for its latest troubled update to Windows 10. But we don’t think you’re going to like it.

Yes, after a series of uncaught bugs called a halt to the rollout of the last Redstone update for Windows 10, also known as Build 1809 or the Windows 10 October 2018 Update, Microsoft is finally acknowledging the last one, which it’ll get to, eventually.

The problem comes from the way the new version treats files in ZIP folders. As a result, it’s actually possible to lose the data, with the system telling you everything is normal. Not cool.

Well, Microsoft has a fix for it, and you’ll be getting it. But prepare for another weekend of frustration first because it’s not scheduled until “early November”. Even then we’re not sure if it will be an out-of-cycle release or slapped on to Patch Tuesday which isn’t due until 13 November.

As mentioned, this isn’t the first problem to face the October 2018 Update. Early adopters with small or nearly full hard drives have found that it had a propensity for chewing up files in order to make space for itself, like some Cuckold Predator, but that part appears to have been fixed following several days where the update was withdrawn.

So with potentially a few weeks to wait, even if you are offered the 1809 update (and we’re still waiting here), then do think carefully before you decide to dive in. The delay is more than likely because the Insiders need to get their hands on it before its declared safe.

The key message in the meantime is not to try and add or delete stuff in a ZIP file. It may not work and you may not know. If you do get stuck, stuff seems to end up in the Recycle Bin, so all is not completely lost. You can also root around in the Temporary file directories by opening the ‘Run’ box and typing ‘%temp%. μ

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