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Windows 10 users are disturbed, but Microsoft’s new Insider build will fix that

IF YOU are one of those people that get distracted every time you get a new e-mail, then the latest version of Windows 10 for the Insider Programme has something for you.

Fast Ring build 17074 is now available and it includes Quiet Hours, which stops notifications for anything but your chosen people and apps. The same will apply when you’re using it for gaming in full screen (with DirectX) and if you’re projecting your display, lest you get a Twitter notification during that big presentation.

Other additions in this build are around the reading experience with grammar tools for EPUB books (which also get a custom audio option) and a new Reading View for websites. The UI for reading mode in Edge has been updated for all file formats and progress is now saved when you skip between machines.

There are also some options for saved passwords. You can stop them saving to a domain, or set them to autofill in InPrivate browsing mode. The latter now also includes Extension access.

Windows localisation will now include the use of Machine Learning to improve translations, with language packs now available in the Windows Store.

Variable font formats which use a CSS extension to make it easier to adjust a font’s characteristics are now supported. There are some fixes in place for the ‘Near Share’ feature, which is a little bit like Airdrop in Mac, and there are options to make your personal folders easier to find in the Start Menu.

More and more features are moving out of the old file window interfaces and into the new Windows 10 environment. Disk Cleanup and Sound Settings have now been fully migrated.

There’s also a pop-out Embedded Handwriting Panel, for when you need to fill in a form box on a tablet.

Usual rules apply – install at your own risk, on a secondary PC, and don’t moan when it all goes pear-shaped – that’s the whole point of the Insider Programme. µ

Source : Inquirer

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