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Windows 10 will soon allow direct access to Linux files

MICROSOFT’S Linux love-in continues with the announcement that, soon, you’ll be able to access your Linux files directly from Windows.

The company has confirmed that the next edition of Windows 10, due in April, will allow you to access your Linux files from the File Explorer and edit them using the command line.

A blog post has confirmed the news, which will see the new feature enabled in Build 1903, also known as 19H1: “In the past, creating and changing Linux files from Windows resulted in losing files or corrupting data.

“Making this possible has been a highly requested and long anticipated feature. We’re proud to announce you can now easily access all the files in your Linux distros from Windows.”

You’ll be able to type explorer.exe from within the Linux-in-Windows box, and up will pop a Windows File Explorer window, defaulted to your home Linux file directory.  

The post adds: “This includes operations such as: dragging files back and forth to other locations, copy and paste, and even interesting scenarios like using the context menu to open VSCode in a WSL directory!”

You’ll also be able to access your Linux files in Powershell (but not CMD), thanks to a newly added 9P protocol file server which treats Windows as a client.

It’s not perfect, and at the moment, it will only work while the distro is running, though there are plans to remove this requirement later in development. All Linux files are treated as a network resource.

Microsoft warns that if you don’t follow this method, the corruption to your files could well still happen.

Microsoft has become increasingly patient and welcoming to Linux in recent years, despite cynicism in some quarters, with most major Linux distros now available to download from the Microsoft Store.

These don’t have a UI, but for coders, they’re a lifesaver, which makes it a lot easier for code written in Linux to run in Windows without a massive rewrite. µ

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