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Windows 10’s September update will arrive in, er, October

MICROSOFT WILL release the September 2018 update to Windows 10. In October.

After the Spring update made its March deadline by the skin of its teeth (a day) it looks like the company has decided to play safe and push this one back a bit.

It’s going to be called (standby for originality) ‘The Windows 10 October 2018 Update’ in keeping with the tradition of naming Windows-as-a-Service updates after banality.

After testing with the Insider Community over the past six months, they should get the release candidate build in early October, with us plebs getting it a few weeks later.

Features include a cloud clipboard that syncs across devices, a Dark Theme, a better Snipping Tool, tweaks to the Game Bar, Edge and a whole bunch of under the hood stuff.

Speaking at Microsoft’s IFA keynote, Erin Chapple, corporate vice president at Microsoft said: “I’m pleased to announce that our next feature update to Windows will be called the Windows 10 October 2018 Update. With this update, we’ll be bringing new features and enhancements to the nearly 700 million devices running Windows 10 that help people make the most of their time. We’ll share more details about the update over the coming weeks.”

So, erm, not the two billion devices you thought when Windows 10 launched then, eh Microsoft?

There’s lots of excited whooping at Microsoft about the arrival of a number of Windows-on-Snapdragon (WoS) devices which are arriving soon, but those still require a much scaled down version of Windows. They’re great at what they’re good at, but certainly not for everyone.

One thing the October update won’t have is Sets – the tabbed File Explorer window feature which was announced and then pulled again from the last version.

This is the last Windows Update to have a Redstone code name. The Spring 2019 update will have the equally banal name of 19H1. It’s already testing in the Skip Ahead channels. μ

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