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Windows 7 users will start getting upgrade nag screens starting next month

THE NAGS are back, and we’re not talking about the invasion of the killer horses that we dreamt about after a particularly cheeky late-night cheeseboard.

Microsoft has confirmed that starting next month, Windows 7 users will start to see pop-ups warning them that their beloved operating system is reaching end of life on 14th January 2020.

This will send shudders of resigned recognition to all those who lived through the saga of nag screens that plagued Windows 7 and 8.x users when Windows 10 was rolled out as a free upgrade and made it very difficult to opt out.

The good news is that these “courtesy reminders” contain some learnings gained from that whole debacle, with a promise that this time you’ll see far fewer, and that there’ll be a definite “don’t remind me again” checkbox to get rid of them.

The death of Windows 7 is approaching fast and yet seems to have had even less exposure than the end of Windows XP. At the time of writing, Windows 7 still has a 38 per cent market share amongst desktop users worldwide, only a couple of points behind Windows 10, so this is going to affect a lot of people.

Failing to update before this date will leave machines vulnerable to hacking and malware, as Microsoft will stop offering any kind of updates and security patches, so it can focus on Windows 10, and those three people still running Windows 8.1.

The other option, for businesses at least, is Extended Support, which will be available from next month for machines running Windows 7 Professional or Enterprise, starting at $25 per machine for the first year, doubling in price for subsequent two years.

Microsoft had an unlikely ally in its efforts last week, as Google (yeah, Google!) recommended that users update to Windows 10 after a serious flaw was found in Windows 7 when used alongside Chrome. μ

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