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Windows ‘Lite’ could be another year away

Windows 'Lite' could be another year away

Windows. Lights. It’s that simple.

THE PAIRED DOWN version of Windows, unofficially christened ‘Windows Lite’ may not be seen until 2020, according to rumours from inside Microsoft.

There had been speculation that we would see a preview of the new operating system at the upcoming Microsoft Build conference, but it now seems that we’ll be waiting a lot longer.

A tweet by Tom Warren of The Verge says:

Windows Lite was conceived as Microsoft’s answer to the rise of the Chromebook, a low cost, stripped back version of the operating system that we’re all used to, without the bits that most users would never need.

Core OS, meanwhile, is a new framework for Windows which will allow changes to be built at a modular level, making it easy to create new builds of Windows that only change relevant segments. It also means that devices running Windows 10 IoT Core and Windows Lite can receive an operating system that has been customised, rather than built from the ground up.

Microsoft is keen to step into the gap in the market that Google exploited with the launch of ChromeOS, with an eye to getting back some of the ground lost in the education sector, where the Google alternative is becoming increasingly popular.

Some sources are suggesting that the delay isn’t with Windows Lite per se, but rather the migration of the native Edge browser from its current engine to the Google-owned Chromium engine.

The 2020 date assumes that we’ll be waiting for the next Build, not the upcoming one, but its equally possible that Windows Lite will emerge in a dedicated event later in the year, as Microsoft and its OEM network try to capitalise on the Christmas market. μ

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