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YouTube is finally available on the Nintendo Switch

IT’S OFFICIAL: YouTube is finally available on the Nintendo Switch.

For a device with a big screen and gamepads attached, its long seemed like Nintendo has been missing a trick by not offering users – here in Blighty, at least – the option to use the console as a makeshift video player. 

As rumours had suggested, however, YouTube is now available on the hybrid console. It can be downloaded for free from Nintendo’s eShop and doesn’t require a Nintendo Online subscription.

We’ve yet to take the app for a spin, early reports claim that most of YouTube’s features are correct and present, including the ability to stream your Movies Anywhere library and watch 360-degree videos. There’s no option to download videos for viewing offline, though, even for YouTube Premium subscribers. 

And as noted by The Verge, touchscreen support is limited and you’ll have to instead use the Joy-Cons for most tasks; the right Joy-Con’s analogue stick can be used to control 360-degree videos, for example. 

While the app isn’t yet fully-fledged, it’s a good move for YouTube. Being on the Nintendo Switch could be a very quick way of getting into younger hands earlier. Many parents rightly see there being no point in a child having a smartphone, but the family-friendly Switch is another matter entirely.

And for Switch users, it’s a good start; here’s hoping Netflix and Amazon Prime Video make an appearance soon. 

In an interview last month, Reggie Fils-Aimé, Nintendo’s chief operations officer, confirmed that “other services will come in due time”.

“For us, we want to make sure that we continue driving the install base for Nintendo Switch, continue to have great games for the platform,” he said. µ

Source : Inquirer

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