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8 Video Tutorials On Hacking Using PHP

The PHP language can be and is used by many for hacking. You can hack into websites, servers etc. and use simple PHP scripts to do so. Watch these videos to find out more!


1. Password Storage (And Hacking) in PHP by Anthony Ferrara at the PHP Benelux Conference 2013

This video answers questions like how should passwords be stored? Or how will they be attacked? Password storage is a task that every developer has to deal with efficiently.

2. How to create a facebook phishing page

This is a five step process to creating a Facebook phishing page using PHP.

3. Hacking PHP

Did you know you could hack a server with a simple PHP script? This video will show you how to do that.

4. Hacking Websites with SQL Injection

This is how you can hack websites written in PHP using SQL Injection.

5. Hacking (PHP Shell like an Image)

Vulnerabilities in a web application can be used in order to upload malware like shell and hack into a website. This tutorial teaches you how to upload a PHP Shell-like image on a website.

6. Hack Yeah – Simple PHP Honeypot

This video teaches you to create a quite simple honeypot that can be used to log the IP address and hostname of attackers, who are connecting to you.

7. Web Hacking (PHP WebShell Upload)

This is another useful hacking tutorial concerning PHP that you can use.

8. PHP upload form weakness

This is one way you could exploit a server. This will work on any unsecure php upload forms. I used a new tool included in backtrack 5 to evade any antivirus software by encrypting the php backdoor. If you are sucessful, you can then run any command on the targeted server.


Source : EFYTimes

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