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Desk lamp transforms from notepad into a modern, stylish lamp

Make late nights at the office more bearable.Make late nights at the office more bearable.

Image: Moderndek

Harsh overhead lighting in your cubicle got you down? Same.

If you’re always looking for ways to improve your 9-to-5 environment, you’re not alone. Being comfortable in your space helps you focus and keeps you feeling positive even when the boss has got it out for you. This comfort translates to higher productivity and makes the work week fly by. Honestly, when you’re in the zone, Thursdays feel like Tuesdays.

The ModernDek Notepad Lamps are one of the most unique ways to add a stylish modern design to a space, while improving the vibe, too. It’s sneakily disguised as a notepad but transforms into a fanned light source that can open up to 360º. It also comes with a USB cord for easy-charging and lights up in seven different colors. Perfect for setting the mood.

Is it a notepad? Is it a lamp? It's both.

Is it a notepad? Is it a lamp? It’s both.

Image: stack social

This chic piece is on sale now for 40 percent off the MSRP. Check it out today, this price won’t last long.

Image: Modern Dek

Source : Mashable

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