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Over 800,000 Brazzers User Accounts Hacked

Brazzers fans now have a reason to be worried. The well-known site, which specialises in porn was hacked, with the perpetrators accessing as many as 800,000 Brazzer accounts.

The forum, which bore the brunt of the breach, has led to the leak of other Brazzers users who were not part of the forum since their details were contained there as well.
The Pile of leaked data includes about 790, 000 emails, along with usernames and their passwords. The leak has been proved to be real by Motherboard. Motherboard reported that they got the Brazzers user details from for verification.
Motherboard did not work alone on this. They were assisted by Troy Hunt, owner of Have I Been Pwned? The attacked site is the forum which Brazzers users use to talk about porn.
One user, who refused to be named said: “I am sad that my details were leaked, but that is always a real risk when you leave your details on the internet.

The public relations manager of Brazzers explained to Motherboard: “This is similar to an incident that took place in 2012 our Brazzersforum. It was managed by an external company that time. The company had a weakness in its system and that is what led to the attack.
“With that said, we linked Brazzers accounts with the forum for the sake convenience and that is what led to some of our user accounts being attacked. However, we took some measures to protect them.”

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