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Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember [INFOGRAPHIC]

These days, your online identity is just as important as your real one. What you do and say online can affect your real life. If you post a comment on your social media account or leave a comment on a public forum, it will reflect on your character.

So just imagine if someone had somehow found out what your password to your online accounts is. Someone could pose as you and comment hurtful and negative things about others online. That would harm your reputation and even endanger your employment.

And if you’re the type to use just one password for all your accounts, that would be doubly dangerous because the hacker would only need to guess one to get to all. You might find your bank balance suddenly in the negative or your medical history announced to the public.

If your password is your or your loved ones’ birth dates or maiden names, change it ASAP. That’s one of the most common mistakes when it comes to creating a strong password. Even if these are personal to you, hackers can find these things easily online.

Create a strong and secure password that you can remember and that hackers will have a hard time guessing. Check out this infographic presented by about the Six Methods to Create a Secure Password You’ll Actually Remember.


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