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A solar-powered “Lunar” smartwatch seems like a good idea — if it works

Smartwatches nowadays can do all kinds of neat things. In fact, they are becoming more independent than ever, some even featuring wireless data connectivity, killing the need for a companion smartphone. But there is one thing manufacturers haven’t handled well – battery life and charging.

Though its name has ties with the moon, the LunaR smartwatch is actually solar-powered. There is a way to charge its 110 mAh battery using a cable, but the wearable’s main feature is its transparent solar panel, which should keep your device running for as long as there is light around. And yes, it will work with both solar and indoor (artificial) lighting. In fact, the company says the watch should continue running indefinitely with as little as 1 hour of daily exposure.


Classic watch lovers will also enjoy the company’s timeless design. It is a simple and modest watch you can take anywhere. None of that bulky, futuristic stuff that is sure to create eye sores! This watch actually looks good.

It’s not all about looks and battery life, though. Those factors won’t matter one bit without some proper functions, and the LunaR sure has some neat features to offer. Capabilities include dual time zones, activity tracking, sunrise/sunset tracking, smartphone notifications, sleep monitoring, alarms and even a 5 ATM waterproof construction.

You can’t do fancy things like use digital assistants, respond to messages and all that jazz, but it has enough features to keep many of us happy. And guess what? It won’t be yet another device you have to charge every darn night!

Interested? Check out the Kickstarter page for all the details. You can sign up for one by backing the project with as little as $138. Not bad considering the LunaR’s retail price is estimated to be about $239. And it’s expected to ship this December, so you won’t have to wait around for (too many) months to get it!

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