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A Look Back At 2017 – Tools & News Highlights

So here we are in 2018, taking a look back at 2017, quite a year it was. We somehow forgot to do this last year so just have the 2015 summary and the 2014 summary but no 2016 edition.

A Look Back At 2017 – Tools & News Highlights

2017 News Stories

All kinds of things happened in 2017 starting with some pretty comical shit and the MongoDB Ransack – Over 33,000 Databases Hacked, I’ve personally had very poor experienced with MongoDB in general and I did notice the sloppy defaults (listen on all interfaces, no password) when I used it, I believe the defaults have been corrected – but I still don’t have a good impression of it. It also didn’t stop there with Another MongoDB Hack Leaks Two Million Recordings Of Kids

Everyone scrambled in March when they found out Ubiquiti Wi-Fi Gear Hackable Via 1997 PHP Version.

There was also the regular dodgy Government legislation based activity like the European Commission Pushing For Encryption Backdoors and the US demanding people to hand over their social media passwords when entering the country.

Plus the governments themselves getting owned when Shadow Brokers Release Dangerous NSA Hacking Tools.

There was also a spate of high profile hacks, many involving publically accessibly AWS S3 buckets like the Time Warner Hacked – AWS Config Exposes 4M Subscribers and Terabytes Of US Military Social Media Spying S3 Data Exposed.

2017 Best Hacking Tools

There’s been some pretty neat stuff released this year, the below are tools that’s I’ve personally found interesting but haven’t been super high traffic:

You may have overlooked some of these, so do check them out if you did!

You’ve probably already seen those below in the most viewed list, but well if you haven’t check out the below for the hottest posts published in 2017.

Bonus – Top 10 Most Viewed Posts From 2017

  1. Angry IP Scanner Download – Fast Network IP Scanner
  2. Fluxion – Automated EvilAP Attack Tool
  3. Reaver Download – Hack WPS Pin WiFi Networks
  4. LOIC Download – Low Orbit Ion Cannon DDoS Booter
  5. RDPY – RDP Security Tool For Hacking Remote Desktop Protocol
  6. Sn1per – Penetration Testing Automation Scanner
  7. Yuki Chan – Automated Penetration Testing Tool
  8. LastPass Hacked – Leaking Passwords Via Chrome Extension
  9. Shadow Brokers Release Dangerous NSA Hacking Tools
  10. SQLiv – SQL Injection Dork Scanning Tool

Enjoy 2018, it’s gonna be a crazy, decentralised year!

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