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A2SV – Auto Scanning SSL Vulnerability Tool For Poodle & Heartbleed

usage: a2sv [h] [t TARGET] [tf TARGETFILE] [p PORT] [m MODULE]

            [d DISPLAY] [u] [v]

optional arguments:

  h, help            show this help message and exit

  t TARGET, target TARGET

                        Target URL and IP Address

                         > e.g t


                        Target file(list) URL and IP Address

                         > e.g tf ./target.list

  p PORT, port PORT  Custom Port / Default: 443

                         > e.g p 8080

  m MODULE, module MODULE

                        Check SSL Vuln with one module

                        [anonymous]: Anonymous Cipher

                        [crime]: Crime(SPDY)

                        [heart]: HeartBleed

                        [ccs]: CCS Injection

                        [poodle]: SSLv3 POODLE

                        [freak]: OpenSSL FREAK

                        [logjam]: OpenSSL LOGJAM

                        [drown]: SSLv2 DROWN

  d DISPLAY, display DISPLAY

                        Display output

                        [Y,y] Show output

                        [N,n] Hide output

  o OUT, out OUT     Result write to file

                         > e.g o /home/yourdir/result.txt

  u, update          Update A2SV (GIT)

  v, version         Show Version

Source : DarkNet

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