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After years of testing, Facebook releases On This Day personal history reminders.

If you’re one of the billion or so people using Facebook to connect with friends and family, you now can use the social networking site to automatically celebrate your important memories.

A few years ago, Facebook started testing a feature called “On This Day”. It was a feed of everything you posted to Facebook on a given date years in the past, as well as photos and posts you were tagged in on that date. Now, almost two years later, Facebook is officially launching On This Day — a feature that works quite similarly to Timehop, a service that lets you sign in with a variety of social networks (including Facebook) to receive a daily digest of whatever you posted across those networks years in the past.

On This Day,” resurfaces posts and photos you shared or were tagged in exactly one year ago, two years ago, and so forth. The digital memories will be available only for you to see, but you can also share them with your friends.

Aside from the News Feed, if you’d rather keep your own On This Day entry notifications to a minimum, you can simply turn notifications off and opt to only view days presented on your private On This Day page (facebook.com/onthisday), where you can delete any events or dates you’d rather not see again.

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