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BaphoDashBoard – Dashboard For Manage And Generate The Baphomet Ransomware

With this proyect we will be able to handle the data of the victims we obtain with Baphomet Ransomware. BaphoDashBoard is developed in C# under framework dotnet-core 3.1. Both Baphomet Ransomware and BaphoDashBoard proyects are thrown out for educational purposes and so we can get something out of it to learn new things.

DashBoard features

  • Generate .exe to encrypt data.
  • Generate .exe to decrypt data.
  • When we generate the ransomware, we keep the rsa keys that encrypt the symmetric key in charge of encrypting the files.
  • Location of each victim shown on map.
  • Graphics for better visualization.
  • We can obtain the data of all our hosting servers.
  • Handling of each baphomet.exe that we generate.
  • Victims details and more using web scraping.


Operating systems tested to date to run Bapho-Dashboard

  • Windows 10
  • Mac OS Mojave

File that we must modify

  • file: BaphoDashBoard > Dal > Services > BaseService.cs line: 32
  • NOTE: We add the hosting that contains the victim’s data. for example

Instalation and Framework use

For complete tutorials of Baphodashboard use join me on Patreon, where I will be sharing information and exclusive content about hacking, malware creation, tutorials for use my projects, etc. 

Video Demo

Baphomet Ransomware:

Service for more information and help

  • Twitter-DM :

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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