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Browser-password-stealer – Get All The Saved Passwords, Credit Cards And Bookmarks From Chromium Based Browsers Supports Chromium 80 And Above!

This python program gets all the saved passwords, credit cards and bookmarks from chromium based browsers supports chromium 80 and above!

To install all the required modules use the following code:
pip install -r requirements.txt

Chromium Based Browsers

✔ Amigo
✔ Torch
✔ Kometa
✔ Orbitum
✔ Cent-browser
✔ 7star
✔ Sputnik
✔ Vivaldi
✔ Google-chrome-sxs
✔ Google-chrome
✔ Epic-privacy-browser
✔ Microsoft-edge
✔ Uran
✔ Yandex
✔ Brave
✔ Iridium

pip install -r requirements.txt

Just run this the code will create a folder based on the browser name and stores the saved passwords, credit cards and bookmarks in that folder.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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