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Chisel-Strike – A .NET XOR Encrypted Cobalt Strike Aggressor Implementation For Chisel To Utilize Faster Proxy And Advanced Socks5 Capabilities

A .NET XOR encrypted cobalt strike aggressor implementation for chisel to utilize faster proxy and advanced socks5 capabilities.

Why write this?

In my experience I found socks4/socks4a proxies quite slow in comparison to its socks5 counterparts and a lack of implementation of socks5 in most C2 frameworks. There is a C# wrapper around the go version of chisel called SharpChisel. This wrapper has a few issues and isn’t maintained to the latest version of chisel. It didn’t allow using shellcode with donut, reflectio n methods or execute-assembly. I found a fix for this using the SharpChisel-NG project.

Since the SharpChisel assembly is around 16.7 MB, execute-assembly(has a hidden size limitation of 1 MB) and similar in memory methods wouldn’t work. To maintain most of the execution in memory I incorporated the NetLoader project by Flangvik which is executed via execute-assembly to reflectively host and load a XOR encrypted version of SharpChisel with base64 arguments in memory.

As an alternative, it is also possible to implement similar C# proxies like SharpSocks by replacing the appropriate chisel binaries in the project.


Note: If using a Windows teamserver skip steps 2 and 3.

  1. Clone/download the repository: git clone

  2. Make all binaries executable:

  • cd Chisel-Strike

  • chmod +x -R chisel-modules

  • chmod +x -R tools

  1. Install Mingw-w64 and mono:
  • sudo apt-get install mingw-w64

  • sudo apt install mono-complete

  1. Import ChiselStrike.cna in cobalt strike using the Script Manager

Recompile binaries from the src folder if needed.


chisel can be executed on both the teamserver (windows/linux) and the beacon. With either acting as the server/client. A normal execution flow would be to setup a chisel server on the teamserver and create a client on the beacon connecting back to the teamserver.


  1. chisel <client/server> <command>: Run Chisel on a beacon

  2. chisel-tms <client/server> <command>: Run Chisel on your teamserver

  3. chisel-enc: XOR Encrypt SharpChisel.exe with a password of choice

  4. chisel-jobs: List active chisel jobs on the teamserver and beacon

  5. chisel-kill: Kill active chisel jobs on a beacon

  6. chisel-tms-kill: Kill active chisel jobs on teamserver



NetLoader can easily be obfuscated and used to bypass defender using projects like NimCrypt2 and the like.

Yet SharpChisel.exe drops a dll on disk due to the use of Costura/Fody packages at a location similar to: C:\Users\m3rcer\AppData\Local\Temp\Costura\CB9433C24E75EC539BF34CD1AA12B236\64\main.dll which is detected by defender. It is advised to obfuscate chisel dll’s using projects like gobfuscate in the SharpChisel-NG project and re-build new SharpChisel-NG binaries as shown here.


  • Figure a way to avoid SharpChisel dropping main.dll on disk / Create a new C# wrapper for chisel.

  • Create a method to parse command output for the chisel-tms command.


Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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