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Cr3dOv3r – Credential Reuse Attack Tool

Cr3dOv3r is a fairly simple Python-based set of functions that carry out the prelimary work as a credential reuse attack tool.

Cr3dOv3r - Credential Reuse Attack Tool

You just give the tool your target email address then it does two fairly straightforward (but useful) jobs:

  • Search for public leaks for the email and if it any, it returns with all available details about the leak (Using hacked-emails site API).
  • Then you give it this email’s old or leaked password then it checks this credentials against 16 websites (ex: facebook, twitter, google…) and notifies of any successful logins.

So how would this Credential Reuse Attack Tool work?

Just imagine this scenario:

  1. You check a targeted email with this tool.
  2. The tool finds the email address involved in a leak so you open the leakage link.
  3. You get the leaked password after searching the leak details.
  4. You return to the tool and enter the password to check if there’s any website the user uses the same password in it.

How to use Cr3dOv3r for a Credential Reuse Attack

Another useful tool could be:

credmap – The Credential Mapper

You can download Cr3dOv3r here:


Or read more here.

Source : DarkNet

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