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Cspparse – A Tool To Evaluate Content Security Policies

cspparse is a tool to evaluate Content Security Policies. It uses Google’s API to retrieve the CSP Headers and returns them in ReconJSON format. Not only does it check for headers with Google’s API, it also parses the target site’s HTML to look for any CSP rules that are specified in the <meta> tag


Install Command and Download Source With Go Get

cspparse command will be installed to $GOPATH/bin and the source code (from https://github.com/lc/cspparse) will be found in $GOPATH/src/github.com/lc/cspparse with:

~ ❯ go get -u github.com/lc/cspparse

Install from Source

~ ❯ git clone https://github.com/lc/cspparse
~ ❯ cd cspparse
~ ❯ go build


<div class="highlight highlight-source-shell notranslate position-relative overflow-auto" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content=" ~ ❯ cspparse “>

~ ❯ cspparse <domain / url>


~ ❯ cspparse https://www.facebook.com


docker build -t cspparse .”>

~ > docker build -t cspparse .


docker run –rm -t cspparse “>

~ > docker run --rm -t cspparse <domain / url>

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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