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CTF-Party – A Ruby Library To Enhance And Speed Up Script/Exploit Writing For CTF Players

A library to enhance and speed up script/exploit writing for CTF players (or security researchers, bug bounty hunters, pentesters but mostly focused on CTF) by patching the String class to add a short syntax of usual code patterns. The philosophy is also to keep the library to be pure ruby (no dependencies) and not to re-implement what another library is already doing well (eg. xorcist for xor).

For example instead of writing:

require 'base64'

myvar = 'string'
myvar = Base64.strict_encode64(myvar)

Just write (shorter and easier to remember):

require 'ctf_party'

myvar = 'string'


  • base64: to_b64, to_b64!, from_b64, from_b64!, b64?
  • digest: md5, md5!, sha1, sha1!, etc.
  • flag: flag, flag!, flag? (apply/check a flag format)
  • rot: rot, rot!, rot13, rot13!
  • hex: hex2dec, dec2hex, to_hex, from_hex, hex2bin, bin2hex and bang versions


Homepage / Documentation: https://noraj.github.io/ctf-party


Made by Alexandre ZANNI (@noraj), pentester from Orange Cyberdefense.

Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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