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Darknet ‘Cyber Bunker’ Server Hosted in Germany

The German authorities said on Friday they had bust a network hosting illegal trading platforms called Darknet on servers in the old NATO bunker, stolen information and child pornography online.

In a series of raids Thursday, seven suspects were arrested targeting the operators of the service “Bulletproof Hoster,” located in so-called the “Cyber Bunker,” the police and the prosecutors said.

The servers host, or provide internet architecture for, illegal websites which also stored stolen information and falsified records and used large-scale cyber attacks.

Thirteen suspected participants— 12 males and one female, aged 20 to 59 — reportedly set up and run strong servers inside a NATO bunker in the Rhineland-Palatinate city of Traben-Trarbach.

Four Dutch, two Germans, and one Bulgarian were held in custody.

In Germany and other European nations several hundred police operators engaged in raids, networking 200 servers, countless information carriers and mobile telephones and a considerable amount of money.

The websites included the once second biggest Darknet medicines market place in the world, the’ Wall Street Market ‘ e-commerce platform, which researchers broke down previously this year.

A server situated within a cyber bunker was also monitored by an internet assault affecting 1,25 million routers of the German supplier Deutsche Telekom in November 2016, the national Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

The servers also included “Fraudsters” and “lifestylepharma” as well as “Cannabis Road.”

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