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dcipher – Online Hash Cracking Using Rainbow & Lookup Tables

dcipher is a JavaScript-based online hash cracking tool to decipher hashes using online rainbow & lookup table attack services.

dcipher - Online Hash Cracking Using Rainbow & Lookup Tables

The capacity to programmatically crack passwords is also a function of the number of possible passwords per second which can be checked. If a hash of the target password is available to the attacker, this number can be in the billions or trillions per second, since an offline attack is possible.

In this case dcipher uses online hash checking services, which have extremely large Rainbow Table sets of pre-computed hashes, to rapidly find hash collisions.

Usage for dcipher Online Hash Cracking Tool

Supported Hashes for dcipher online hash cracking

  • Base64
  • MD5
  • SHA1
  • SHA224
  • SHA256
  • SHA384
  • SHA512
  • RIPEMD320

Of course there’s plenty of options when it comes to hash cracking:

hashcat Download – Password Hash Cracking Tool
IGHASHGPU – GPU Based Hash Cracking – SHA1, MD5 & MD4
crack.pl – SHA1 & MD5 Hash Cracking Tool

You can download dcipher here:


Or read more here.

Source : DarkNet

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