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DirDar – A Tool That Searches For (403-Forbidden) Directories To Break It And Get Dir Listing On It

bypass forbidden directories – find and identify dir listing – you can use it as directory brute-forcer as well


This tool is compatible with all kind of operating systems as long as you have GO compiler installed


You can use this command if you have Go installed and configured.

go get -u

Or you can download a release. To make it easier to execute you can put the directory to the binary in your environment variable %PATH%.

Tool screen:

  • Linux

  • Windows


 -threads int
Number of threads (Defaulf 40)
If you want to show errors!(Includes 404 errors) [True-False]
Print out only OK (Bypassed and dir listing)
-single string
Only scan single target e.g (-single
-t int
Set the timeout of the requests (default 10000)
-wl string
Forbidden directories WordList
  • Screenshot

Bugs found by DirDar: (Will share the write up ASAP)


Source : KitPloit – PenTest Tools!

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