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Domained – Multi Tool Subdomain Enumeration

Domained is a multi tool subdomain enumeration tool that uses several subdomain enumeration tools and wordlists to create a unique list of subdomains that are passed to EyeWitness for reporting.

Domained - Multi Tool Subdomain Enumeration

This produces categorized screenshots, server response headers and signature based default credential checking. It is written in Python heavily leveraging Recon-ng.

Domains Subdomain Enumeration Tools Leveraged

Subdomain Enumeraton Tools:

Reporting + Wordlists:

Domained Subdomain Enumeration Tool Usage

Subdomain Enumeration Examples

First Steps are to install required Python modules and tools:

Example 1 – Uses subdomain example.com (Sublist3r (+subbrute), enumall, Knock, Amass, and SubFinder)

Example 2: – Uses subdomain example.com with seclist subdomain list bruteforcing (massdns, subbrute, Sublist3r, Amass, enumall, and SubFinder), adds ports 8443/8080 and checks if on VPN

Example 3: – Uses subdomain example.com with large-all.txt bruteforcing (massdns, subbrute, Sublist3r, Amass, enumall and SubFinder)

Example 4: – Uses subdomain example.com and only Amass and SubFinder

Example 5: – Uses subdomain example.com, only Amass and SubFinder and notification

Example 6: – Uses subdomain example.com with no EyeWitness

Note: --bruteall must be used with the -b flag

You can download Domained here:


Or read more here.

Source : DarkNet

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